Thursday, August 04, 2005

The editor - aka "the polisher"

beijing 423, originally uploaded by jiulong.

Yes, yours truly with the first issue of Beijing Weekend what I edited [note the cunning wordplay in the headline ...] I've got the easy part- I just correct the English that the Chinese journalists have written. Well, most of it is easy. Here's a typical [unpolished] example:

In order to help the kids learning at the Sihai Children Classics Education Centre, a non-governmental educational agency aiming to spread the knowledge of ancient classics among children, the staff members with the publishing house donated the newly-published reading matter for children.

For your homework tonight I want you to render that into English. And then imagine what it's like to do the same for 20 tabloid pages of the same. Have fun!


Sue said...

No, I can't tackle the homework - sorry. But ... if you're from Leeds, yet have been in Sydney for ages (all those super pictures) is your family still in Sydney, or back in Leeds, or there in Beijing with you? Is Beijing long term? I enjoy your pictures 'cept my computer is rather slow so they takes ages to download.

mutikonka said...

Hi Sue

The immediate family is in Sydney, to follow shortly to Beijing once I get settled in [like with a house and everything]. The rest of the Woodheads are still in good old Yorkshire, or maybe Scotland.

Anonymous said...

It looks like English to me¿?¿?