Monday, December 05, 2005

The Forbidden City deserted, Beijing, December 2002

gugong port, originally uploaded by jiulong.

I recently dug out these snaps I took of the Forbidden City during our trip through Beijing at Christmas 2002 (see also the video here). I'm surprised how well they turned out - they have an almost timeless look about them. I used my faithful little point and shoot camera, the Yashica T4, and I'm amazed that I was able to find the time to snap so many pictures of an apparently deserted Gugong. If I remember rightly, at the time I was dragging two very bored and cold young boys around with me, who just wanted to go back to the hotel and play Tomb Raider on my laptop. Here's some pics of them at Tiananmen and a frozen Beihai (where they enjoyed sliding round on sledges)

Tiananmen twins, Dec 2003
Andrew and Paul at a frozen Beihai, Beijing, Dec 2003Beihai Lake.

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