Sunday, August 14, 2005

Makeover model, Wukesong

beijing 020, originally uploaded by jiulong.

Today [Sunday 14th August] I went down to Wukesong to look at the camera market there. There were lots of overpriced old cameras, but more interesting were the costume shops and makeover studios on the second floor. I snapped a few pics with my digital camera (a Kodak DX7630), including some of a very popular makeover demonstration that had them literally crowded out of the door.


chell-belle said...

Hi Michael, I've followed you here. Nice photos. I get the feeling of peeking into a different they weren't taken with a westerner's eye.

Will this be your main blog now?

mutikonka said...

Thanks Fern!

I speak Chinese and have been coming here for years, so I may miss the obviously different and exotic stuff that first attracts your attention when visiting China.

This will be the main blog now - since I've moved from Sydney there won't be much to add to the Photos from Sydney site ..