Saturday, August 20, 2005

Catholic wedding, Beijing

sat 027, originally uploaded by jiulong.

On Saturday morning I popped in to St Joseph's church on Wanfujing to take some interior pictures. While I was there a bride and groom came in with a few family members to start what looked like a very informal wedding service. Here the priest is giving the bride and her father [or best man?] a few last words of advice. They didn't seem to mind me being around as they got ready!


Tyson said...

wow, i love weddings. people are always so happy. actually, i got married a couple years ago and about half of the people attending were from mainland china. a lot of the chinese guys were moving around and taking photos during the ceremony. i didn't want to be mean, but is it normal for weddings in china to have people taking pictures during the ceremony? anyway, i have a lot of pictures from different angles now.

mutikonka said...

Yes it's quite common for peope at Chinese wedding to use cameras during the service - look at the best man/father of the bride here - he's carrying one!